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Comprehensive Software and Information Solutions to Protect Your People
and Improve Business Performance

Born out of a workplace tragedy, PureSafety understands the safety and health risks that threaten your organization's people - and profits. Our innovative, web-based software and information solutions empower you to more efficiently and effectively manage those risks, and the related compliance requirements, while improving overall business performance. From the industry's leading online safety training solutions to OHM, our integrated, modular solution for safety, health and medical management, no one gives you more tools to streamline more tasks and enhance safety, health, efficiency and profitability.

PureSafety's solutions are flexible enough to meet the needs of over 2,000 organizations in more than 20 major industries, including 35% of the Fortune 500. More importantly, they are powerful enough to improve business performance in many critical areas, including:

  • Profitability - reduced costs and increased efficiency and productivity
  • Compliance - simplified regulatory reporting at all levels
  • Risk Management - improved risk identification, analysis and response
  • Corporate Governance - better accountability, transparency, and management
  • Culture - greater awareness of safety and health risks and how they impact the workforce and business performance
  • Reputation - fewer safety and health incidents that bring negative publicity and damage employee morale

In just 10 years, PureSafety built an enterprise-wide total solution that is unmatched in the industry - and delivers unmatched convenience and bottom-line business benefits for customers. But we are even more excited about our next 10 years. Our commitment is to do more, every day, to empower the real heroes of the companies we serve: professionals like you.